Spring awakening



The first sunshine is like a kiss from heaven and goes straight to my heart. It awakes my soul and gives me fresh energy. It feels like a new beginning, like coming out of hibernation. I am reborn.




It is so beautiful to walk around and see how mother nature awakes. How flowers bloom, birds chirrup, and everywhere people outside, enjoying these good vibes. The whole world seems more colourful. The sun conjures a smile into the face of the people.




The days are getting longer, allowing us more time to enjoy these first rays of the sun.

How beautiful it is to take a walk or having a coffee in a nice place and catch up with friends, to sit outside in a restaurant, having a couple of drinks and spend time together.




It feels to me like vacation in my own hood. Happiness is touching my soul.

Now it’s time to live this moment and enjoy life.




We also can start to make some cool plans for this summer. Get some inspirations and pull those vibes in.

What can we do this season? Go on a road trip? Festivals? New Surf spot? Vacations? The opportunities are endless. All we have to do is DO it.




So wake up for spring. Shine and rise. Welcome this fresh energy and open your wings, let yourself be carried by the wind into freedom and joy.









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