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Tiva is the designer of Hawaiianita Bikinis and owner of Saltwater Swimwear.

Saltwater Swimwear is a bikini website with amazing bikini brands from all over the world and a wide range of bikinis – chosen by Miss Tiva. She just sells high quality bikinis, which are all super sexy, supportive and good for surfing or / and sunbathing. Cute designs, sexy cuts and they stay on on a big swell!




Hawaiianita Bikinis is a bikini brand, owned by Tiva herself. All the designs are made by her as well: stunning designs, super fabric, sexy cuts, sporty and cute! Well, Tiva knows exactly what a surfer girl needs…




Tiva is an amazing longboarder babe! She rides her board like a ballerina, with style and grace like no one else.




We met years ago in the Dominican Republic and she suddenly became one of my best friends. Tiva always sees the best in everyone and pushes people forward. She has a gypsy soul and a big heart. She always wears a big smile and has a open ear for everyone. Tiva is super sexy and beautiful – but not just an eye candy. No, this woman is the full package! With her creativity she created a whole new bikini world.




Since she founded her brands, I use her bikinis, because I simply love them. And I tried a lot! Living on the beach for years and surfing daily meant that I needed a lot of lycra… For me it’s important that they stay on when I surf, that the quality is high and of course, like every other girl, I want a bikini which perfectly fits my body.






Saltwater Bikinis and Hawaiianita Bikinis are available as sports bras, strapless tops, triangles etc. The bottoms are obtainable as strings, thongs, cheekies, and panties.

Everything you need for your next surf session or a sunbath, to look sexy and feel comfortable!


Check out Tiva’s social network pages and make your own thoughts:

Instagram: @saltwaterswimmwear, Facebook: Saltwater Swimmwear










Thank you Tiva for your friendship, your incredible support and all the adventures we’ve been trough.

I love you my friend!




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