Living la vida loca



Do something crazy and enjoy it. Something you wouldn’t do usually, but you have fun doing it. Go on adventures, try something new and live a free life. A life without dramas and pressure. Let go of yourself in a situation of fun. Dont regret you have done something “meaningless”. Something you “shouldn’t” do. Something shocking. Sometimes you have to make your halo dirty! Let the world say that your crazy, so you are free to do whatever you want! If you enjoy it, well then it’s right! Let the sunshine fill your soul, and rise.




Let go the bad habits of anger and madness. Of regrets and feeling guilty. It’s just poison for your soul. Flow with your life and trust yourself!

If something doesn’t give you happiness, love or money, then just let go. You don’t have time to waste for non sense dramas. ┬áDance to the soundtrack of your own life. Walk on the wild site. It is so much fun to do something you wouldn’t do usually. Don’t overthink every damn situation. Not everything has to make sense. Sometimes it’s enough to just make you laugh. Enjoy this silly moments.




This moments when you are somewhere with your friends and giggle about nothing. When you can’t stop and it just feels good.

Sitting on the beach and watch the waves kissing the shore. Walk on the sidewalk in the rain and having a blast getting soaked. Sit in a cafe in the city and watch people. Dance the all night. Kiss your lover for hours and dive deep into these emotions.




Hold on to these feelings, they are priceless. Moments when you feel alive. When you feel free and peaceful. Exactly this kind of memories will fill your heart with satisfaction and joy.

Find your passion and follow it.

If you like it, go for it and if not, well then just leave it.





Never let the rebel die in you. Keep it alive. Be a little freak and break the stereotype.

*** Stay wild gipsy child ***




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