I’m coming home…



I have lived in many different places already.

First in the place I grew up. Then in the city of my own choice, on the islands I fell in love with and now, back in the city where my roots are.




It was a long journey. A journey, filled with countless adventures, memories and feelings. Each place has its story. In each place I had a reason to stay and a reason to leave. They all had their own kind of beauty, their own magic. Every place welcomed me with an open heart and showed me its unique beauty with the different cultures, languages and traditions. I will never forget the places I was or passed through. My personal journey helped me create the person I have become and which I enjoy being: A multicultural nomad, a NOMAD DIVA.




My journey which included some amazing travels, brought me finally back to the place where I started. The place I call home now. For me home was always more than just a place. It is a feeling. A feeling I get from the people and their vibes. From those people, which became my family along my path. People which made me feel at home in a new surroundings.

Now I feel like having arrived. It feels good to be here and for the first time in my life, I have no urge to leave soon. No need to run away. For the first time I feel at ease without a sentiment of having to say goodbye soon.  A relief!

I’m around people I grew up with, my family and my culture. I am blessed to live here, where I have endless opportunities and chances. I never thought this could become so important to me. On one hand this feeling of security, a rewarding social life and on the other hand the perfect spot from which to reach out and travel to any desired destination. When I am walking in my hood now, I do have a big smile. It is all so familiar and at the same time I look at it with new eyes. I started to appreciate the beauty of this place. It brings out a confidant feeling of having arrived. This chapter in my life is about my home.




Being away for so long, made me realize and appreciate what my country has to offer.

Of course I do miss my other homes and specially my homies there! But in these times, travel is so easy, so I can always go back and join them.

When I first returned to the place I grew up in, I felt like a stranger.

Actually I felt like a stranger and a local at the same time in all the places I used to live. Still, finally, I made up my mind with my own mentality and I am happy with that.




I feel blessed for all the adventures and the experiences I was able to make along the way but also the lessons I had to learn.

It was so rewarding to become familiar with new countries and their culture.

It is a gift that we can travel wherever we like, providing the opportunity to learn about other races, mentalities and languages. Naturally nature’s wonders also hold a special attraction.  The world is an open book to be discovered. We don’t live in a cage nor do we have to stay in just one place. It is always our decision what we do in our life and where we want to go.

And when we do travel, perhaps we should make an effort to actually profit and grow with the experience.

So for me, I have chosen to come home and stay. Who knows for how long? But for now, it feels damn good!




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