Happiness is a choice. It doesn’t just come to you. You have to allow this feeling.

Look what you already have in life. How far you have come. How many good people you have by your side. Don’t brood on what or who might be missing.
Learn to welcome joy. Welcome positivity and say goodbye to negativity. You cannot obtain happiness if you just keep complaining, looking for bad things, and what might be missing in your life.

Be thankful. Don’t play the victim, be the warrior instead.
Go out there and fight. Make miracles happen. Accept who you are and make the best out of it. Nobody is perfect, neither are you. But we have a choice.
We are responsible how we deal with our life.



Keep happiness as your highest goal. Reach for that and not for people. How can you fill your life with better energy? What makes you happy? What do you want out of life?
Stay true to yourself. Being real and authentic will bring you inner peace.
You won’t be happy, if you copy someone else or if you don’t follow your own way.

Once you know what you want and what is good for you, you will become more secure. Running in a wrong direction will suck so much energy out of you. It will fill yourself with bad vibes and sadness.



Are you satisfied with what you are doing? Ask yourself and answer truthfully. If you aren’t happy, it is up to you to make a change.
Remaining, stuck in a situation with which you are uncomfortable, is unhealthy and poison for your wellbeing.

It will keep you from being happy and might draw you into a vicious circle, from which it is hard to escape. That’s why you have to have the courage to draw a line and break out.


Once you have assessed your situation, take the first step with confidence. Of course this is easier said than done, as I very well know from my experience. But being unhappy or lost, is definitely worse and no option.
Because looking back, you may never forgive yourself for your wasted years.

I had to change the direction in my life already a couple of times. It was very difficult at the beginning, but always worth it. It made me the person I am now. And it feels good to be myself, to live my life as I see fit. Trust me, not many people understand my lifestyle. But is that important as long as I am content? I prefer to stay true to myself and fill my soul with happiness.



That is why I know you can also do it. Be brave, step out and follow your own ideals. Set a goal which will make you excited, a goal which you will pursue with ambition and which you will chase with your heart and your soul.

If something feels right, it usually is. Let yourself be carried by your elation. I promise you, if you listen to yourself and decide to go for it, the feeling of satisfaction will be awesome.

Open the door to your soul and welcome happiness. The only person holding this key is YOU.

Say hello to your life, say hello to happiness.


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