Why did people become such freaks?

Why are so many guys so obsessed with what they do? It all became so ruthless, so extreme. There are so many squads of extremists in all kinds of ways who brand other people and judge everyone so easily.

Whether concerning religion, preferences regarding food, career, style of music or fashion, body shape, feminism, nothing is exempt of such radical ways of thinking.



To start with religion: Why should it be bad to believe in something? I mean it is everyone’s own choice to believe in whatever they want and to have their own faith and hopes. If someone believes in God, Buddha, Allah or whatever, or is non-religious, it doesn’t make this person automatically an extremist. And regardless of one’s own faith one should respect other people even if one disagrees with their views. I think, in the end we all believe in something. We all have a kind of religion. But we cannot change people’s mind or expect them to believe exactly what we do. And isn’t religion about hope, respect and love, rather than hate, war and disrespect?



Food… Oh, my god, why does everyone think nutrition is like a religion. If someone is vegan, it’s totally okay, but it doesn’t make a person who eats meat a killer. If you eat junk food, you get treated like a bad person. To be honest, I also prefer healthy food, but I don’t care if others don’t follow my kind of diet. I don’t tell everyone to eat exactly like I do. And I do also love to have a glass of wine, eat chocolate and things others may frown upon. Everyone should have the freedom to choose what they like and what they dislike and to enjoy food without getting judged.



Feminists…. Well this is also a difficult subject. I am a feminist too but I don’t hate men. I think we rather should start to be humanists instead, to stand up for ALL people and to give everyone a voice and not ‘just’ women. It is so important to treat everyone equally, no matter what race, gender or age they are.



Bodies… Yes, this is a trendy one. How on earth can a body shape be ‘en vogue’? Who decides which body is in and which out? To be freaking skinny was trendy for many years. Fortunately we are slowly getting away from this dangerous trend. But now we see a new  ‘perfect body’ in all the media. ‘They’ decided it is sexy now to have a curvy but still skinny and toned super body. But for such a body shape we should stop eating, workout daily really hard and get a lot of plastic surgery to be ‘perfect’ in the public eye. This is so wrong. And what happens now with the naturally skinny girls? Are they ugly now? Not every girl has the same kind of body. It is so dangerous, to set such trends, especially for teenage girls. At their age, girls don’t usually have enough self-confidence regarding their bodies.

How can girls be comfortable with themselves, if the goal regarding perfection is set ever higher and becomes more extreme?

It is much more important to learn to love your body and to accept the way your body looks. It is helpful to eat healthy food and do sports, to get the ‘best’ out of it. But in the end, everyone has different genes and has to accept this, no matter what the media tell us.



Career… Of course it is positive to continue to be interested and broaden your mind and skills. But this affected craze where everyone is expected to obtain more and more diplomas, bachelors and masters in order to fit in this society and get paid well, gets on my nerves.

If someone prefers to just chose an occupation and stay happy with it that’s fine by me. If a person decides to travel the world, be an artist and follow his own path, ‘they’ call him a loser. Personally I have way more respect for the ones who follow their dream rather than chase after the crowd. It definitely takes more courage not to be part of the system.



Is it a rebellious act today to be authentic, to have your own opinion, to be happy, comfortable and follow the heart?

If this is so, then I am a rebel. And I don’t care about all these smart asses, who try to change everyone and tell us how we should live our lives. We have to be happy with it, and no one else.



Live your life and let others live their lives.

Respect and support each other, no matter which color, mentality, religion or gender. Look beyond the surface: what matters is below it, in our hearts and our souls. At the end we are all equal. We are all humans.






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