Believe in LOV3




It’s a process. It’s hard to trust in yourself after failures, after heartbreaks and pain. It’s hard to get back in life with a positive mind.

Sometimes we want something so much, but we are too scared to take it.

Especially after a bad breakup, after a heartbreak. It’s so difficult to get over it and trust, that the new person is not going to hurt you the same way again.

To believe, that this special person just wants the very best for you. To believe in the relationship, in the process of a new beginning. To believe, that it CAN work out. To believe, that the other person truly loves you.

Try to let go of all your fears. Fear of failing again, to get hurt again, to be in this miserable pain again, to start over and over again.

But if you let your fear leading you on, you will always fail. You will never get what you truly want. You will push away the good things, because you’re too scared to get hurt. So of course you will get hurt. Again and again.

Don’t let your past make you a cold hearted person. Don’t build a wall around yourself which nobody can enter. You have to let go of this bad energy, of this habit to overthink and analyse everything. Let faith be bigger than your fear. TRY!

Be fearless in what can make you happy. Let you lead your happiness, your dreams and your destiny. You can only win!

And yes of course you can fail. Of course you can get hurt again. Of course it can happen, that you have to start over and over again…




BUT it can happen as well, that this person in front of you is your true soul mate. That this person is your destiny, your future. That you and this person could grow together happily. And the longer you’re together, the more you will lose your fear.

Maybe the best thing is about to happen. So let it happen! Take the chance to be happy. Open your heart, let in the good people, the good vibes you get from them. Listen to your inner voice and trust it! It will tell you what’s right and what not. Trust it, trust yourself.

Let go of the past, live in the present and expect a great future!

It’s all in your hands! You’re in charge of your happiness…

Take a deep breath, and hold on. Think about the bad shit that happend to you. Breathe out and let go of all the negativity in your mind…. Take another deep breath and concentrate of the beautiful things in your life, hold on and SMILE. Breathe out and keep this positive energy inside you!

You will see, something wonderful is about to happen!

I believe in YOU, so do believe in yourself too 

Trust in LOV3




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