Grl power



When I was a little girl, my grandmother used to teached me, that I always have to treat my future husband like a king. To open the door in a nice dress and heals when he comes home from work. To make sure the house is clean, and dinner is ready.

Back in the days, it was a girls goal to become a wife and a mother. To become a great housewife, which looks up to her men.




But already my mother had another view then her mother. And me even more…

Our mothers were fighting for the women’s right! They went out on the street to demonstrate.

We should never forget, what they did, to build a better future for us ladies!






But being a feminist doesn’t mean anymore that we don’t care about our look. That we don’t shave legs and don’t wear a bra. It doesn’t mean that we don’t like men. To be a feminist now is different.




It means we speak out loud what we think and what we want. That we stand up for our rights and don’t get scared of a man’s word. It means that we are strong and independent!

We don’t need to get married rich, we make our own money.

A man’s money will never excite an independent women. Of course, we still appreciate a men with good manners and success, but we don’t NEED them. We WANT them.

And that’s a independent women. We do care about our look, and dress nice as well. We wear whatever we feel like.

We care about our own business and not others. We don’t gossip or judge people.

We don’t put girls down, no we lift them up! That’s modern feminism.




I always looked up on strong women.

I remember that I was a huge fan of the spice girls. They were famous for the ‘girl power’. I think all girls at this epoch were into this whole girl power thing. It was new. It was cool being a girl. To be sexy, smart, cool and pretty in one! Every girl saw herself in one of the spice girls.. hahah




And now we have so many strong and inspiring ladies to look up to:

Oprah, Alicia Keys, Pink, Rihanna, Beyonce and so many more. All those famous ladies show us, that everything is possible! So never give up!


We live in a time, where excuses no longer count. We life in a time, where we can get everything, if we are willing to give everything.





So keep your head up, were your crown and get the fuck out there to rock this world!


*** GIRL POWER ***




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