Don’t waste your youth growing up



This is to all us kids over 30…

To all those adults who still are children in their hearts. To us crazy, but serious fighters out there.




We are at the crossroads between young, wild, free, serious and grown up. It’s a yes and no moment. We are still crazy, but we are wiser. We still fall in love and get excited about our feelings, but we are not naive anymore. Now we think more about the consequences. We let us get drawn in, but also put ourselves in check again.

It’s a hike between being a kid and an adult.

Some of us grow up fast, some slow, some never.

Some became an adult pretty early, others never even had a chance to be a kid.




Well, for me lots of things have changed since I turned 30. I feel way more comfortable in my body now than when I was 20. Now I know what is good for me and what is not. I know what I want and what I don’t want anymore. I feel so much stronger, healthier and happier than I felt ten years earlier.

I don’t compare myself to others anymore or care what people think about me. I feel good being me.

Of course to get where I am now, was a long journey. A journey filled with happiness, pain and adventures. Both positive and negative experiences.




I have many tattoos in my soul, from the pain I went through. They  formed my character and person I have become. I’ve learned many lessons on my way. I am not so blind anymore and try to always face a problem and come up with a way to solve it. There is a plaster for every wound. I always kept on moving, looked forward, because I believe in the good in this world. I believe that everyone has their own karma.

Our path between being a kid and growing up , is a long way. So many feelings and fears. The good thing is, that we all must go through these emotions.




Sometimes we  listen to a song which we love and are surprised , that its release was  over ten years  ago. Or we meet a friend we haven’t seen for a while and realize, that  it has been over five years since our last meeting and yet  the friendship has not changed. We can reminisce  about things that happened twenty years ago.  We can talk about TV show oldies, old school music, actors etc. like it was yesterday and then realize it’s been decades.

These are moments when we really feel old… But this also make us laugh and we enjoy this process of getting older together. Laugh at it and have fun.

Maybe we are scared, that if we let go of our younger crazier selfs, we could  lose that forever and  won’t have fun anymore.

However, to let go of the kid in us doesn’t mean, we have to grow up 100%. We always can keep the craziness in our hearts. We still can go out and hit it hard, we just maybe don’t do it  as often as  we used to. We don’t party three days in a row. We go to bed a bit earlier. Meet friends for dinner in a restaurant and not just in a bar or club. We have serious jobs and relationships. So we are already doing all this „adult stuff“.




Actually we are grown up, we just don’t want to face it, ‘cause we aren’t ready yet. How do we know when it’s time to be an adult?

I think we always can stay youngsters, with adult behavior. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s still totally ok to go out and have fun. To enjoy silly moments and giggle without stopping. To travel the world, spending all our money.

Most likely there will always be others out there, who will judge us for our lifestyle.

But who cares? If we are happy in what we are doing, it’s all that matters. There are so many like-minded people out there.

Young adults, enjoying life, having fun AND responsibilities!

We just have found the balance, the balance between old and young. We live that yin and yang life.

A life we choose.



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