I lost my heart to the ocean, and with it a piece of my soul. For me surfing is more than just a hobby. It’s my passion, my lifestyle! The ocean is my playground. There is no other feeling in the world compared to the one I have by catching a wave. Nothing else matters in this magic moment. It’s just me and the ocean. Focused on that one thing. I feel content, free and it feeds my soul.

After a surf session I feel like all my worries have just been washed away. My mind is clear and I am totally released. Everything seems peaceful and I am loaded with new positive energy. This is why I surf!


Surf Zürich

Bereits seit 4 Jahren bringt Surfzürich unter dem Motto „Because Zurich needs more Surf“ die Surfsport-Angefressen während der eintägigen Surfzürich […]


    Zürcherinnen und Zürcher aufgepasst: Seit Juni bieten wie gemeinsam mit Sudden Rush Wake Sessions auf dem Zürisee an. […]

Bianca Bikinis

  Bianca Bikinis is an Italian swimwear and lifestyle brand for those who love travel, beach lifestyle, and watersports. It […] is the world’s leading online surf travel agency. Their passion is to enrich people’s lives. They believe, that a […]