Bathroom talk



I have to share my thoughts about a women’s bathroom because I think they are funny…

Especially in nights out.



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It’s like that we are all friends, as soon we enter the bathroom.

Try and show me a woman who hasn’t had these silly moments in a public bathroom….

Before enter the bathroom, girls can be really judging and looking down on others. In the club some girls get jealous or mean, well most are pretty drunk as well, but as soon we are just in the bathrooms things change.

We help fix each other’s hair, share lipsticks, complementing each other, and of course gossip together and share laughter.

We give each other advices or compliments about outfits. Sometimes the funniest moments in a night out happened in the toilet. So much to giggle about. It’s like we are not ashamed anymore.



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Laughing about a silly situations which had happened that evening, can really open us up. We feel comfortable and realize, that we all have the same kind of troubles, same insecurities, same dramas etc.

So we support one another when we stand in line, to wait for a free toilet. Its funny that most men think that’s a big of a deal for us, to always wait for hours in line. But in reality it can be quite hilarious.



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I remember so many situations:

Two girls standing in front of the mirror, fixing their hair and makeup and having a talk about a boy, who was waiting outside. Another girl who was there as well, was listening to their talk. So they find out that the boy was playing a game with both of them. The girls stayed in the toilet for a while and made plans to play back to this guy. They became very close friends this night and I hope this boy has learned his lesson!

Never play games with us!





Or the time two girls which were “enemies” and never liked each other, but for no reason. One of the girl was in the front of the line with another friend. Amazingly one girl paid a compliment to her ‘enemy’ and  when they started to talk for a while. They find out, that they never liked each other for just a huge misunderstanding.



Picture: Vogue


There are as well very sad situations. A girl crying, because her boyfriend just left her this night. Or someone throwing up, because she drunk a bit to much. But in these moments you can see the strength in our numbers both girls had a friend giving a shoulder to cry one or a tissue to wipe their face, some water and a safe ride home.




Bathroom at daytime can be interesting too! There usually aren’t so much stories like at night time.

I remember once a women gave my friend, which just became a mother, some advice. My friend was suffering, from sleepless nights etc. and this wise mother came gave her some really useful tips that worked wonderfully.




There is one rule, that we all know, and i think we all follow it…


Where ever I have been in this world, the ladies room is everywhere the same!

It doesn’t matter if we don’t speak the same language. If we have another culture or religion. Sometimes a little smile or wink is enough to understand. At the end we are all sisters and we have to stick together.

We all want a world full of love, joy and happiness.




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